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Promise Keeper

We live in a world of fingers crossed behind our backs. In politics, it increasingly seems like you're rewarded for your ability to double-speak. But the problem isn't just untrustworthy politicians. We all have a tendency to waffle on our promises. Sometimes plans change and we need to back out of commitments, to be fair.

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Three Times I Pleaded: God's Transforming Power Through Pain and Disappointment
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We live in a culture and a time when we're less willing than ever to accept that losses can lead to blessings and that God uses adversity to change us in ways that are essential for his work. As a consequence, we see very little of God's power in our lives or in the church. But each of us has the potential to let the Spirit work in and through the difficulties we face to change us and reflect his power in ways we can scarcely dream of, and produce an outworking of joy and peace that will carry us through the greatest of difficulties without fear. This book is intended to unravel God's plan and your potential to have that kind of life. 

Three Times I Pleaded includes study questions for each chapter that can be used for personal study or group discussion.