Our Hands Open

With a surging economy a couple of years ago, charitable giving was on the rise. Projections showed that donations from foundations and corporations were on track to grow by 5% or more, well ahead of the GDP. Strangely, the people least likely to contribute were the wealthiest people. One writer notes that “as people accumulate more wealth they tend to become more insulated and set...

The Hidden Lamp

You are not the person people perceive you to be. You have a public self and a private self, and the public self is the one you show to others. The private self you may never show anyone, including your spouse. You may be ashamed of that self, or worried that others will not accept you if they...

The Stress Trap

A while back I had abdominal pain that became progressively worse over time. The pain was so acute I had difficulty concentrating at work. I have a history of cancer in my family, so after one very rough morning I made a trip to the emergency room. An MRI and blood test came back negative for any physical causes.

Reflecting Our Father

My oldest daughter is 14, and she is beginning that phase where being seen with me is not cool. Or better to say, she would find it embarrassing if her friends spotted her with her dad. I can torture her with a PDA, then watch her look around in the hope she doesn't know anyone nearby. I'm not a nerdy dad, but I understand where she's at in her life. We live in a culture of detachment. We equate maturity with individualism.

When Infinite Joy Is Offered

There is something... it's not just a feeling. It's right there, at the edge of your thoughts, when you have an experience that is fulfilling, but you sense that there has to be more. Maybe you've had this happen. You reach your goals, you achieve what you never dreamed you could, and you feel wonderful, but something is still missing. It is the thing...